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Anna Brui

Anna, a Writer at GreenMatch, transitioned from teaching to content creation, fueled by her passion for renewable energy and sustainability, inspiring readers to embrace eco-friendly practices.

Becky Mckay

Becky is an experienced SEO content writer specialising in sustainability and renewable trends. Her background in broadcast journalism inspires reliable content to help readers live more sustainably every day.

Ciaran Wark

Ciaran is a content writer at GreenMatch. Whether writing about sustainable aviation fuel or heat pumps, Ciaran has passion for informing readers about pivotal technologies that are reshaping our world.

Hannah Maza

As a writer with a deep understanding of low-carbon energy systems, Hannah aims to breakdown knowledge barriers and share insights to empower individuals in their pursuit of creating more environmentally conscious homes.

Luis Antonio Gómez Pérez

Luis Antonio is a seasoned Content Writer with international journalism experience. His writing style, enriched by a Master’s in Journalism, contributes informative content to GreenMatch on topics including low-carbon heating systems.

Meghna Joshi

Meghna has a background in literature and film and has experience writing for social as well as native and display channels. In addition to routinely blogging about the latest marketing technologies, she has a keen interest in sustainability.

Nikita Gravesen

Since 2022, Nikita’s mission as a GreenMatch writer is to make eco-living easy. She simplifies renewables, empowering everyone to embrace a greener, brighter future.

Sabria Schouten

Sabria Schouten is a content writer who aims to make information about sustainable energy broadly available. She believes that knowledge about how to lead a greener lifestyle should be easily accessible to anyone.

Rawal Ahmed

Rawal Ahmed is a writer at GreenMatch with an interest in sustainability and a background in background in tech journalism and digital marketing.

Bronte McClelland

Brontë is an experienced writer and editor for GreenMatch. Her passion for sustainability and renewable energy drives her to stay at the forefront of green-energy trends.

Inemesit Ukpanah

Inemesit is a seasoned content writer with 9 years of experience in B2B and B2C. Her expertise in sustainability and green technologies guides readers towards eco-friendly choices, significantly contributing to the field of renewable energy and environmental sustainability.

Shalini Sompura

Shalini has written on the niches of technology, sustainability and health. Over 12 years, she has developed a keen interest in these niches and written well researched articles and blogs for various entrepreneurs. Her free time is dedicated to reading and writing fiction.

Akif Aliyev

Akif is a copywriter at GreenMatch since 2023. With a keen interest in community sustainability, green solutions and the role of digital media in identifying climate trends, he aims to hone in on his background in International Studies and Digital Media to provide a multidisciplinary approach to written content rooted in credible research and accuracy.

Alejandro Staton Varela

Alejandro is a copywriter at GreenMatch and is passionate about European environmental policy and renewable energy. He has conducted research on the European Green Deal’s impact on EU energy policy and climate adaptation, and he is committed to using his writing skills to promote sustainable policies.

Valli Vishnubhotla

Valli has been writing well researched articles about renewable energy, sustainability and green technologies for GreenMatch since 2017. Her work has been published in various media such as Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Canadian Geographic, uSwitch, and eCycle.

Nils Hoogervorst
Nils Hoogervorst, SEO & Content

Nils is a content writer for GreenMatch with a background in SEO and blogging. Nils plays a major part in getting content ideas up and running. He also sometimes takes the pen in hand to write informational articles about renewable energy, sustainability and green technologies.

Nick Geary

Nick has a wide range of experience writing about conventional and renewable heating solutions. As well as writing articles for GreenMatch, he also helps in the production of Youtube videos.


Expert Contributors

Joshua M. Pearce, Ph.D.

Joshua M. Pearce is the John M. Thompson Chair in Information Technology and Innovation. He holds appointments at Ivey Business Schooland the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Western University. He runs the Free Appropriate Sustainability Technology research group. His research concentrates on the use of open source appropriate technology (OSAT) to find collaborative solutions to problems in sustainability and to reduce poverty. His research spans areas of engineering of solar photovoltaic technology and open hardware, but also includes policy and economics. According to Elsevier’s citation metrics last year he was in the top 0.06% most cited scientists globally and is continually ranked in the top 0.1% for his accessible research on He is the author of the Open-Source Lab:How to Build Your Own Hardware and Reduce Research Costs, Create, Share, and Save Money Using Open-Source Projects, and To Catch the Sun, an open source book of inspiring stories of communities coming together to harness their own solar energy, and how you can do it too!

Monika Zoksimovska

Monika Zoksimovska is an Expert Contributor for GreenMatch since March 2023. She is a Master of Architecture with extensive experience working for international clients. Throughout her career, she has had the opportunity to immerse herself in various facets of the architectural profession.

Initially starting as an architectural designer, she concurrently ventured into the realm of education as a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Architecture at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje. Additionally, she has served as a mentor in diverse architectural workshops and participated in engaging architectural meetings. For the past few years, Monika has been actively engaged in the facade glazing industry, directly involved in various aspects of the field.