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Last updated: 23 March 2021

See How We Operate During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world and changed how many businesses operate. Fortunately, GreenMatch has been able to take control of some things. Our customers can be fully assured of complete safety throughout the buying process.

Since the national lockdown announced on the 4th of January 2021, the government has confirmed that tradesmen can work in other people’s homes under all tiers.

You can still sign up and get quotes from multiple suppliers. Our suppliers ensure complete safety during the house inspection and installation process.

Installations Can Continue In all Tiers

The government has confirmed that installations can continue in all tiers under the national lockdown.

Installers may visit your home, regardless of which tier you reside in, provided that all COVID-19 guidelines are followed.

GreenMatch assures that all site visits will adhere to health and safety guidelines, which you can read more about below.

How Does GreenMatch Help?

choosing a product

You can research by reading the information provided on our site and choose your renewable energy system.

filling form

The next step is to fill in the contact form. Our customer service team has been work uninterrupted during the recent COVID-19 times and will contact you via phone or email.

home inspection

In certain cases, our suppliers may need to do a home inspection to understand your specific needs. All such cases will be handled with proper health and safety measures in place.

compare quotes

You will receive multiple quotes from qualified suppliers to help you make the best choice.

installation process

The installation process will be held complying with all health regulations and social distancing, taking your safety as top priority.

green home

You can then enjoy a greener, more sustainable home.

Safety Information from Our Suppliers

Here are some common guidelines that you may want to know regarding our service and how our suppliers will get in touch with you and help you through the buying process. You are welcome to contact us at [email protected] if you have any further questions.

1. What are the precautions taken during the installation process?
Our installers respect social distancing at all times. You can expect them to wear masks and gloves, and all the tools they bring with them will be sanitised before and after usage. Customers will be contacted prior to the visit and briefed on how to prepare the areas for the inspection. This will reduce the need for interaction between customers and the engineers, and minimise the amount of time they need to spend on the property. If it’s a solar PV installation, most of it will be done outside the house anyway.
2. Will there be a home inspection?
In certain cases, a home inspection may be required in order to understand your specific needs. However, not all suppliers may need to do a site visit. If a home inspection is required, it will be done in compliance with all health and safety measures.
3. Tips for customers to prepare for home visits

Customers are requested to maintain social distancing and preferably stay in a different room during the inspection and installation process.

Customers are also required to prepare the area for inspection and let the suppliers know if there’s anything in the property that they need to be careful with.

You can then fill in the contact form. Our customer service team has been working uninterrupted during the recent COVID-19 times and will contact you via phone or email.

Are you investing in making your home greener this summer? GreenMatch is here to help you make the best choice for your home. We continue to provide uninterrupted information and services to our customers during this period.

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