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Last updated: 8 January 2024

Best Air Source Heat Pump Manufacturers UK 2024

Best air source heat pump manufacturers in the UK

Before investing in a new air source heat pump for your home, you will have to carefully consider the best brands and what they each have to offer. There are a lot of potential brands in the UK with a whole range of air source and air to water heat pumps to choose from. 

This article will take you through 8 of the best air source heat pump manufacturers and highlight some of the important distinctions between them, as well as offer some insight into the metrics you should consider and how they might apply to your home. This will help you choose the best air source heat pump for your home in the UK. 

Air source heat pump advantages

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Top 8 Best Air Source Heat Pump Manufacturers in the UK

Most of the listed brands market air to water heat pumps. These are popular since they create heat that can be used for space and domestic hot water which can save you in installation space. Air to water heat pumps typically include an outdoor and indoor unit (split), connected via an electrical drive. Some will instead include single units (monobloc) that are designed to be installed entirely outside.  

A hot water tank will either be contained within the split/monobloc unit, which is preferable since it saves space, or as a separate hot water cylinder. Alternatively, some brands will include hybrid options which allows the heat pump to integrate into your existing heating system.

All of these brands include heat pumps that achieve the highest possible efficiency class, A+++. We’ve also indicated the max Coefficient of Performance (CoP) that estimates the overall efficiency of the system, based on how much extra heat is produced with every unit of electricity. The CoP is highest when the heat pump runs at relatively low temperatures of around 35°C.

Panasonic logo


The first manufacturer on our list is Panasonic. The company was founded in 1918 in Japan and has over 60 years of experience in heat pump technology. Today it is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of air to air and air to water heat pumps, with its UK head office based in Bracknell, Berkshire.

Panasonic offers a wide range of heat pumps to meet the needs of homeowners in the UK. One of its top products is its Aquarea heat pump range, in particular the recent L series. This is an air to water heat pump that is an ideal choice for homeowners who are renovating their homes as this model is compatible with existing radiator systems.

Price rangeOutput rangeEfficiencyMax CoPWarrantyMinimum temp.
£675 – £8,0002kW – 16kWA+/A++/A+++5.283 – 7 years-28°C

The company also offers the Etherea air to air heat pump range. These heat pumps are known for their quiet operation and modern design. They are also available with a variety of features, such as air purification and Wi-Fi connectivity, so you are sure to find a model which matches your home’s needs.

In general, Panasonic heat pumps are known for their high efficiency, reliability, and quiet operation. Its air to water heat pumps have a maximum CoP of up to 5.28, while its air to air heat pumps have a maximum CoP of up to 5.1. It is also possible to integrate your solar PV panels with a Panasonic heat pump system. Both of these factors can help reduce your energy bills and make your home more environmentally friendly.

As well as energy bills, it’s also crucial to think of upfront costs and maintenance costs before investing in a heat pump for your home. Panasonic heat pumps are considered to be good value for money, as you can see when comparing to some of the other brands. This is especially true when you also take advantage of the UK government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS), which can take up to £7,500 off the price of your new heat pump.

Additionally, Panasonic’s heat pumps are easy to clean and maintain. If you are switching from a boiler to a heat pump, you are likely to save money in maintenance costs. This is because heat pumps have fewer moving parts and do not generate combustion. Panasonic are also confident in their products’ reliability, as they offer warranties of up to 7 years.

Panasonic is committed to sustainability. The company’s heat pumps use refrigerants with a low global warming potential (GWP), such as R290, in order to minimise their environmental impact.


Founded in Germany in 1917, Viessmann has established itself as a renowned, global player in providing all around energy solutions to domestic, commercial and industrial markets. Viessmann began manufacturing in the UK in 1989.

Viessmann’s Vitocal range features German engineered air to water heat pumps that provide heating and cooling functions as well as domestic hot water. They can also be combined with your existing heating system. 

Price rangeOutput rangeEfficiency Max CoPWarranty Minimum temp. 
£3,700 – £17,000

2.3kW – 18.5kW



2 years


Vitocal domestic air to water heat pumps come in a wide range of outputs that will suit homes of all sizes. The 100-A 16kW model will suit large homes with up to 5 bedrooms and comes at a more affordable price than the most powerful model, the 350-A. 

The 100-A stands out for its ease of installation since it can be installed entirely outside. This monobloc unit also features a corrosion-resistant gold-plated heat exchanger for long-lasting, reliable energy transfer. 

All the Vitocal units, including its indoor units, run extremely quietly due to its advanced acoustic technology. This offers the freedom to install anywhere in the home without being disturbed by noise. Most Vitocal units also provide heating and cooling thanks to its reversible circuit. 

The 150/151-A systems use the environmentally friendly R290 pure propane refrigerant. This achieves a very low global warming potential (GWP) score of 0.02. The GWP measures the overall environmental impact of the heat pump based on the greenhouse gas effect. 

These models also feature Viessmann’s patented Hydro AutoControl which contains all the necessary indoor components while maintaining a minimum flow rate through the system. All the while, the system is 60% smaller than traditional systems and can be installed in a relatively short amount of time. 

Vaillant Air Source Heat Pump


Vaillant Group has been operating internationally for 141 years and it is the second largest European manufacturer for home comfort solutions. Vaillant began manufacturing heat pumps in 2006. Nowadays, alongside traditional gas boilers, air to water heat pumps make up the majority of its business. 

Price rangeOutput rangeEfficiency Max CoPWarranty Minimum temp. 

£3,100 – £8,700

3.5kW – 19kW



2 years


Vaillant’s range of heat pumps can include up to 7 outdoor units to build a cascade system to meet high energy demands. Most Vaillant systems are Quiet Mark Approved and certified by the Microgeneration Certification scheme for quality assurance. 

The flexoTHERM range allows you to utilise energy from multiple sources (ground, air or water). When combined with the aroCOLLECT, it uses outside air to provide a power output up to 19kW. Together, these maintain a maximum efficiency with no heat loss.

The aroTHERM plus combines with the indoor uniTOWER water cylinder for a hot water supply of 190 litres, which suits homes with 2 bathrooms. This system achieves Vaillant’s highest CoP of 5.2. The aroTHERM plus was even awarded Best Heat Pump by the Green Home Awards in 2021 for its all over unique design, reduced environmental impact, and efficient operation. 

Daikin air source heat pump


Daikin is a Japanese company founded in 1924. After initially specialising in air conditioning, Daikin offers integrated heating, cooling and domestic hot water solutions. It released the Altherma heat pump range in 2006. Daikin has also been recognised for its campaigns to encourage UK homeowners to adopt renewable technology. 

Price rangeOutput rangeEfficiency Max CoPWarranty Minimum temp.

£3,100 – £9,200

4kW – 16kW



5 years


Daikin’s heat pumps are versatile in that they come in a wide range of outputs. Its hybrid heat pump can combine with your existing boiler as well as with solar panels. This further reduces the environmental impact of your heating system and helps you become energy independent. 

Daikin also provides heat pumps that will almost exactly meet your energy needs which helps you save energy. Homes with low energy needs and low-temperature radiators can opt for the Daikin Altherma Low Temperature Split. Whereas, in homes with high energy demands, the Daikin Altherma High Temperature Split can provide a maximum flow temperature up to 70°C. 

Of all the manufacturers included on this list, Daikin stands out for operating even in very low outside temperatures. The Daikin Altherma 3 H HT operates at temperatures down to -28°C. Therefore, even in cold winters, you can still rely on a Daikin system to provide heat from the outside air. 

The Daikin Altherma 3 operates at maximum energy efficiency thanks to its advanced Bluevolution Technology combined with the UK’s first R32 environmentally friendly refrigerant. Bluevolution uses inverter technology to adjust the speed of the motor to respond to the temperature of the room, rather than stopping and starting. With this feature, energy consumption is reduced by 30%, Daikin claims. 

Air Source Heat Pump
Hitachi logo


Hitachi is a Japanese-originated manufacturer, first established in 1910. It has operated in the UK market for 90 years. The company is known for its extensive product lines of air conditioning and heating solutions for domestic and commercial use. 

Price rangeOutput rangeEfficiency Max CoPWarranty Minimum temp. 

£3,000 – £8,200

4.3kW – 24kW



5 years


According to Hitachi, the Yutaki line of air to water heat pumps can reduce running costs by up to 60%, compared to traditional gas boilers. All of these models are rated A+++ which is the highest possible efficiency class.

Yutaki systems are also able to supply heating and cooling functions through low-temperature radiators, underfloor heating, or both of these simultaneously in different zones of your house. 

The Yutaki S Combi also offers domestic hot water up to 80°C, one of the highest on the list, thanks to its patented Cascade R134a Heat Pump Circuit which provides quick boosts of energy on demand. The combi system includes a 220 litre domestic hot water cylinder.

For easy maintenance, Yutaki heat pump units allow easy access to internal components. These include a custom scroll compressor and inverter which respond to outside temperatures to provide optimal seasonal efficiency and reduced energy consumption.


Bosch Air Source Heat Pump

Formed in Germany in 1886, Bosch entered the UK in 1962 and has since become a market leader. Bosch’s world-renowned range of products and customer service gives them one of the highest Trustpilot ratings on this list with a score of 4.6/5.

Price rangeOutput rangeEfficiency Max CoPWarranty Minimum temp. 

£3,700 – £8,900

5kW – 17kW



2 years


Bosch heat pumps are recognisable for the sleek design with curved edges. They provide flexible installation since the units contain all the necessary components in the AWE indoor unit. This includes a backup electric booster so that the system can always meet your needs. For even more hot water reliability, Bosch also sells a Green Storage WB cylinder which has a 300 litre capacity. Additionally, maintenance is made easy since they allow quick access to internal components.

The 7000i AW hybrid model can combine with a world-renowned Bosch boiler and switch between them during operation to provide optimum heat. This works best for older housing that can’t undergo extensive renovations. 

Nibe air source heat pump


A well-known brand in the world of heat pumps, the Swedish company Nibe today sells a wide range of appliances across Europe. For over 70 years, Nibe has centred high performance and environmentally friendly solutions that work throughout the year. 

Price rangeOutput rangeEfficiency Max CoPWarranty Minimum temp. 

£3,800 – £10,000

8kW – 20kW

A+++/ A++


7 years


The Nibe F2040 is the most well-known air source heat pump for small-medium homes produced by the company. It operates at maximum efficiency and will even work down to an external temperature of -20°C. Larger homes can also make use of this system by adding extra outdoor units to build a cascade system. 

Once installed, these intelligent heat pumps adapt and adjust to your home’s energy output so it will only ever provide what you need and allow you to make savings throughout the year. 

Nibe’s F2120 model also achieves a Seasonal Coefficient of Performance rating of 5. The SCoP provides an efficiency rating based on the heat pump’s electrical input throughout the year and usually sits between 3.5-4.5.


Samsung Air Source Heat Pump

Samsung is known globally as a tech giant with over 80 years experience in delivering innovative and forward-thinking products across a range of technological niches. 

Samsung released its first heat pump in 2012 with the EHS Mono range and soon became a dominant player in the UK market thanks to its competitive prices and design prowess.

Price rangeOutput rangeEfficiency Max CoPWarranty Minimum temp. 

£3,400 – £7,400

9kW – 16kW



7 years


Additionally, these air to water heat pumps are environmentally friendly as they also run on the R32 refrigerant. The EHS Mono is especially lightweight and compact making for a simple, outdoor installation. These models are suited to medium-to-large homes. 

For optimum hot water convenience, these EHS models also come with an integrated indoor hot water tank that reaches a 260 litre capacity. The EHS TDM takes this one step further as it is designed for outdoor installation. All the while, it still provides heating, cooling and domestic hot water with an output that goes up to 16kW.

Conclusion: Which Air Source Heat Pump Supplier Should I Choose?

Important: What is an EPC?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required before contacting a heat pump installer in the UK, especially if you plan to apply for a heat pump grant. EPCs tell you the energy efficiency of your property by rating it from A (very efficient) to G (inefficient) and can also indicate the expected heating costs and emissions of your property.

After arranging for an EPC assessment with an accredited assessor, you can use GreenMatch to get fair quotes for a new efficient heating system. If you’ve recently purchased a property, you may still have a valid EPC, which can also be confirmed through the government portal.

The right heat pump manufacturer for your home depends on your specific needs and which functions are most important to you.

  • Finding the right output is probably most important as not only does your heat pump have to meet your energy needs, but also the right size will make sure your system runs as efficiently as possible. 

From this list, Hitachi’s Yutaki line features the most options with the widest range of outputs as well as the most powerful model: the Yutaki S. For the smallest homes, Panasonic’s Etherea range operates down to a remarkable 2kW.

The Yutaki S by Hitachi also offers the best price for such a powerful system, costing around £8,000. Panasonic offers the lowest prices down to £675 for their air to air heat pumps.

  • According to Trustpilot reviews, which focus on the manufacturer’s brand and the entire range of products, Worcester Bosch and Vaillant earn an impressive 4.6/5. Reviews mainly commend the brands for the exceptional customer service as well as fast call-out and installation times. 

On the other side, Samsung and Hitachi are rather poorly rated, earning only 1.2 and 1.3 out of 5 respectively. While they do receive some praise, the negative reviews point out the inefficient customer service and difficulties in claiming warranty. 

  • In colder climates, it’s also important to bear in mind that the Vitocal line by Viessmann will go down to -10°C but no lower. For optimal performance even in the lowest of temperatures, Daikin’s heat pumps will go down to a minimum temperature of -28°C. 
  • In terms of standard, non-chargeable warranty cover, Panasonic, Samsung and Nibe offer the lengthiest warranty of 7 years, within certain terms and conditions. Viessmann, Vaillant and Bosch have the shortest warranty periods of 2 years as standard, although in most cases these can be upgraded. 

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